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H1B Immigration Filings–Employers, Get Them While They’re Hot!

Now is the Time to Act as the April 1st Filing Date is Rapidly Approaching

Despite the economic downturn, companies are still in need of specialized talent. We are aware that employers will continue to require the services of highly skilled foreign nationals to accomplish their business goals and objectives. The timing is dictated largely by the academic calendar, but also by the realities of the H-1B visa. The H-1B visa is the most desired visa for professionals as well as the most common method for many companies to hire foreign nationals.

Therefore, our law office is accepting H1B cap-subject cases for Fiscal Year 2010. Many foreign nationals and their employers have asked when they should start working on H1B cap cases. The sooner the better as the cap filings must be filed as early as April 1, 2009 for an October 1, 2009 start date. It is vital to file on the first day of visa availability. For the past two years, the filings have outweighed the available H1B cap numbers, and a random lottery determined which cases would be eligible. The same pattern is likely to continue.

In order to have a case filed with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on April 1st, please act now. We will make every effort to accommodate any last minute hiring decisions; we encourage your company to examine such hiring decisions as soon as possible as this April 1 deadline is fast approaching.

Those who are ready to start H1B cases, or who may want to have a consultation about the process and H1B issues, please contact me at the above.

For help with your immigration and employment matters, please call our office today. My partner, Michele Vakili, can be reached directly at (617) 330-7119. And for other employment issues, please feel to contact me directly at 617-330-7123.

-Denise Murphy

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